1. What devices can I recycle with AssuredE-cycling?

We only recycle portable electronics. These include: Cell Phones, Tablets, Readers, Laptops, MP3 players, Smart Watches, Cordless Earphones and Earbuds, Smart Phones, Flip Phones, and small Bluetooth speakers.  If you would carry it into your favorite coffee shop, we take it!

2. What devices will AssuredE-cycling not take?

We cannot take any large electronics. No TVs, Printers, Faxes, Copiers, Scanners, Desktop Computers, Computer Monitors, Video Game Consoles, Power Tools, Batteries, Stereo Systems, etc.  If it is an item you would not carry into a coffee shop, we cannot take it.

3. How do I contact AssuredE-cycling?

Please use our form on the RECYCLE NOW page. Or, use the CONTACT US page.

4. How much does it cost to use AssuredE-cycling?

AssuredE-cycling does not charge for its services. It is FREE to the person or company that is recycling their devices with us.

5. How do I get my device/devices to

Every situation is different. As part of our service, we will determine the best route to get your recyclable electronics to us. It may include, pick-up, drop-off, or mail-in service. 

The process starts with our RECYCLE NOW form.

6. Where is AssuredE-cycling located?

Our main office is in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our services extend nationally and internationally.

7. What if I am unsure about the item, the process, or anything else?

Please contact us by email or give us a call. See our CONTACT US page.

8. Why use AssuredE-cycling?

There are very few consistent, reliable and convenient methods to recycle E-waste. There are even fewer methods that also work to remove sensitive data from your devices. No other company offers all of this, with personalized service, at no cost.